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At Kría Adventures, we are dedicated to protecting the environment across all the destinations where we operate. We recognize the profound impact of tourism on the natural world and are committed to ensuring our operations are sustainable, responsible, and environmentally friendly. This environmental policy outlines our commitment to environmental responsibility and the actions we will take to achieve our goals.

Environmental Commitment:

  1. Sustainable Tourism: We are committed to offering sustainable and responsible tourism experiences that respect the environment and local communities, wherever we operate. Our aim is to educate and engage our guests in the importance of preserving the natural beauty of our planet.

  2. Environmental Compliance: We will comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and best practices in all the locations where we operate. We will also stay updated on new developments in environmental conservation and integrate them into our operations.

  3. Resource Efficiency: We will strive to minimize waste and reduce the consumption of resources such as water and energy. We will implement practices to minimize our carbon footprint.

  4. Waste Reduction: We will reduce, reuse, and recycle materials and minimize single-use plastics in our operations. We will encourage our guests to participate in responsible waste management.

  5. Biodiversity and Habitat Protection: We will take measures to protect and conserve local ecosystems and habitats in the areas we visit, especially those in sensitive areas, by following established guidelines and practices for responsible wilderness travel.

  6. Cultural Respect: We will respect the cultural heritage of all the places we visit and engage with local communities in a way that benefits them economically and socially, while preserving their traditions and cultural sites.

  7. Environmental Education: We will educate our guests and staff about the natural environments and cultural heritage of the places we visit, the conservation challenges they face, and what they can do to minimize their environmental impact.

  8. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to regularly reviewing and improving our environmental performance, setting targets and objectives to reduce our impact further.


  • Management is responsible for establishing and overseeing the implementation of the environmental policy.

  • All employees and contractors are responsible for adhering to the policy and participating in environmental initiatives.

  • Guests are encouraged to respect the environment and follow our guidelines for responsible tourism.



  • This environmental policy will be communicated to all employees, contractors, and guests.

  • We will encourage open communication with our stakeholders, including local communities, environmental organizations, and governmental bodies.

Review and Revision:

This environmental policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in promoting sustainable tourism and environmental protection in all the destinations where we operate.

Kría Adventures is committed to its environmental responsibilities and will work tirelessly to minimize our impact on the natural world, regardless of the location. We invite all our stakeholders to join us in this important endeavor.

Effective Date: 10 October 2023

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